"Adam's edit's are both on point, friendly, and laser-focused. No fluff, just 'here's what you did wrong,' but in a friendly manner that makes me want to hire him more."
-Steve Fidler

Here's a run-down of the editing services I offer:


6 cents per word
The most basic type of editing combs your document looking for typos, grammar errors, and stylistic issues.

Copy Editing

10 cents per word
This level of editing includes proofreading services, plus really polishing the document. I suggest what to cut, what to add, better wording, and attention to the flow, readability, and effect of your words.

Development Editing

rate varies by project
Sometimes you need an editor in your back pocket from the very beginning. With development editing, you enlist my help at every stage of the project from conceptualization to the final draft.

"Adam was great to work with on editing my book. He is thorough, provides meaningful and honest feedback, and is prompt in his work. I recommend him to anyone who needs some assistance with editing their work!"
-Dr. Kyle Bradford, MD

"Adam gave me feedback that balanced deep, honest feedback, and precise genuine praise. He commented on both the piece of writing itself, and also gave feedback about my style and voice--not just the current project, but about the process. He was kind, honest, and inspiring. I look forward to asking him for more help moving forward: working with him made me feel like I can get better at this stuff!"
-Benjamin Pacini